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  • ncane.com is a South African initiative to offer South African and international users a permanent linking mechanism for long or difficult to remember URLs. You can use these as bookmarks for yourself, or send the links to your friends in an email, instead of typing out the entire URL.

  • ncane.com comprises several domains which all redirect to ncane.com. These are ncane.com, ncane.co.za, ncane.net, kleinurl.com, kleinurl.co.za, kleinurl.net, minurl.co.za, minurl.net, and adres.co.za.

  • ncane.com is a free service, supported by advertising and sponsorship. Our Premier Login facility will be a chargeable service in the future.

  • ncane.com reserves the right to report any abuse of this system to your ISP.

  • While we respect the right to freedom of speech, expression and religion, ncane.com is a privately owned service and therefore reserves the right to expire any links that it deems inappropriate in any way. This may include links to sexually-explicit materials, illegal sites and any other sites that may be offensive to the greater audience. No correspondence in this regard will be entered into. (We do offer a warning notification for adult-oriented sites with our service, but this may change at any time.)

  • ncane.com has implemented personalised link tracking in a testing phase.

  • Links with a 0 hit-count and created more than six months in the past will be recycled.

  • ncane.com is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not share your information with any other party except where required by law. Any illegal activity will be reported to your ISP, and if you reside within South Africa, to the South African Police Service.

  • ncane.com is provided without any warranty. We are not responsible for any target URLs in our database. We also cannot be held liable for loss of data as a result of using our URL forwarding technology. Always remember to have good anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed on your computer.

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